Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Venus enters Leo

On June 6, Venus enters Leo and it continues to pull away from the sun, but more slowly. It actually reaches its maximum elongation sometime on June 7th and from then heads back towards the Sun. Venus is very bright in the evening sky at the moment, and Jupiter can be seen a little further from the Sun.

Of course, Venus is still moving forwards, it is just that the Sun is moving forwards faster than Venus now. Eventually Venus will go retrograde which happens when parallax takes over and Venus appears to move backwards across the face of the Sun.

I view Venus at this elongation to be equivalent to an opposition transit. At this time, people with strong Leo in their charts should be feeling suddenly refreshed, almost as though a piece of the puzzle has fallen into place, and what has been a pretty good ride until now has gone into overdrive. Those with a prominent Leo will feel on top of the world until Saturn reaches Scorpio next week. 

Taureans and Librans will become more assertive under the Venus in Leo transit. 

Aries- Helpfulness will still win the day for our Ram, though some active conflict turns quiet which makes his world calmer if nothing else. Things look better than they are,so be careful, they also look better at the start of this week than the end.

Taurus- Remember that adversity is what we are here for and your attempts to help may be interpreted as conflict. Helpfulness will be a key energy of yours as you assert yourself. You will be putting yourself out there a lot more than is comfortable. Get used to it.

Gemini- Putting your foot in your mouth has been the order of the day, and will be until Mercury goes direct. Help is coming from self assured sources later in the week, and your best emotional efforts fall largely on deaf ears. Creative solutions are still good for you, but get used to going through all of your modes really quickly as Mercury pulls away from the Sun on the helpful evening side.

Cancer- The feeling like you are out on your own feels stronger this week as Venus says goodbye and joins Leo. You can still offer emotional support, and that becomes important later in the week.

Leo- The feeling that you can do no wrong is increased this week as Venus joins your cause. This will last until Saturn makes its way into Scorpio later in the month. Now is the time to make the most of positive perspectives! Make your plans and see them come to pass.

Virgo- Have you ever felt like you just cannot win? As Venus goes into Leo even things that looked OK on the surface appear to be taken away from you! It will be a while before things change much, so it is better to see adversity as something that makes us stronger rather than just giving up!

Libra- Mercury’s retrograde transit appears to be working to your benefit. It helps more when Venus enters Leo and you get to shine a little brighter! Make the most of good times while they last! Emotionally, you can be more useful than you think.

Scorpio- The feeling like you are all alone in the world increases as you feel cut off even by people who were just leaving you alone anyway. Saturn will bring some much needed order to your world in another week. Emotionally, you can be helpful to others this week.

Sagittarius- With Venus’ slide into Leo, you are starting to feel like you can do no wrong. Be careful of overconfidence, Saturn is still in your house, and Mars is opposing it along with Mercury Retro so you can slip up more easily than you think.

Capricorn- Being mindful of life’s bigger picture is what is getting you through this time of “not very much happening”. Helping others is what you are best at this week.

Aquarius- Feeling a little more positive this week as more things go your way. Seeing the other point of view will help you a lot here. Being a positive influence will not help as much as it should this week.

Pisces- “Being where the conflict is not” will be a key energy this week, and seeing obstacles as things to be overcome rather than being victimised by them will help a lot. You can be more help than you might otherwise feel this week.

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