Saturday, October 28, 2006

Moon Opposite Neptune.

Moon Opposite Neptune.

Objectivity? Of course I’m objective!! Just ask me any time, I’ll tell you how objective I am!! Nobody else can see it, but I can!!!

I’m playing a bit fast and loose here, (and probably at the expense of a friend or two) but you get the idea. What happens with Moon Neptune opposition is that an aspect that is supposed to deliver objectivity (opposition) can’t display said objectivity because of the players involved. (Neptune and Moon).

Your natal Moon is the basis of your emotion and intuition; and your natal Neptune is your sense of the abstract or intangible. When these two try to add perspective to teach other, the result is invariably emotional and mostly irrational, which is not to say it has to be a bad thing, but you REALLY need to be aware that, what appears to be rational to you is, in fact, irrational to everybody else.

The Neptune opp Moon people reflect deeply on their feelings and intuitions, feeling that they are getting a great handle on them. Unfortunately, the handle that Neptune provides is slippery and the result is often delusional in nature, which sends these folks back into further contemplation and so forth. Likewise, all abstract notions are filtered through the emotions, and so the apprehension of abstract concepts is changeable and volatile.

Are the above statements true for everyone with the aspect? No. But like all delineations, they provide some food for thought, and a language with which to approach the aspect. I know one person with this aspect who has it as part of a Grand Cross, where Sun conjunct Saturn is part of that cross. The Sun/Saturn conjunction forces this person to face reality at every turn, and so the lack of objectivity most often characterized by this placement is less obvious in that person’s life… however, it is still present.

On its upside, this aspect can supply great intuitive insight into abstract ideas, and can pull together emotional threads into an amorphous tapestry. This person’s heart soars with lofty abstract notions of divinity, and is captivated by deeply emotive imagery and music. While this person may have trouble communicating intuitions and insights in a purely rational manner, more creative endeavours such as abstract art, written fantasy, some forms of music, and some forms of theatre might be areas in which this person can find a tangible outlet for this otherwise difficult, and often dominant aspect between the chart’s two great intangibles, Neptune and Moon.

Opposition has a resonant orb of about 4.5 degrees, which means that when the orb of the aspect is less than 4.5, the aspect is usually something a person learns to live with, however if the aspect is between 4.5 and 9, the aspect is more likely to be problematic to the individual concerned.

When I see a problem with an aspect, I look at the house of the short midpoint (the midpoint of the acute angle) to see where this problem will manifest in the life of the individual, and the long midpoint (the midpoint of the obtuse angle) will usually provide a means for solving the problem, or at least, easing its impact.

The opposition is unique among aspects because its midpoints form the square aspect with each of the original planets. The square aspect is most often challenging, and so a problematic opposition is one of the most difficult of all aspects to integrate.

The nature of the Moon/Neptune opposition is such that criticism is usually taken very badly, and so the square midpoint transit, which will often precipitate criticism, makes the issue worse rather than better.

To the people who have a problem with this natal aspect and want to do something about it, I might suggest a couple of things.

On the opposition and conjunction of the transiting Moon to your natal Moon, learn to seek the counsel of a trusted friend (or mental health professional) to gain clarity about the objectivity of your emotional state. This is one issue that cannot be resolved on your own.

Be prepared, twice a month, for the criticisms that arise when the transiting Moon squares its natal position in your chart. You will feel criticized, regardless of the intention of the other party. You need to be aware that sometimes you’ll feel offended when there is no real cause for offence.

Take time at the sextile and trine aspects of the transiting Moon to your natal Moon to reinforce a positive image of yourself.

Be aware that emotional objectivity is not your strong suit, and learn to rely on trusted friends for HONEST feedback about emotional issues.

Take Care


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Who in their right mind…?

Would start an astrology blog at Mercury’s retrograde station.?

I would!!

I was born the day before Mercury went retrograde, and everything of real importance to me happens about then as well.

The chart
isn’t great, but it isn’t hideous. Of course, the angles are inverted from my natal ones because I’m on the other side of the world in the other hemisphere, and to get the spread in the angles right, I’ve got to take them back-to-front.

This chart has Gemini rising, I have Sagittarius, this chart has Aquarius at the MC and I have Leo, so its kind of upside-down and back-to-front, which describes an Aussie’s experience in the USA pretty well. My first 5 minutes behind the wheel in this country still go down as one of the most terrifying moments of my life…

So, what’s the blog about and why did I set it up?

It occurs to me that I do astrology just a bit differently to most. One of the big differences is delineation of aspects and midpoints. So I’m going to go through aspects at random, as I run across them for one reason or another, and delineate them.

I expect there’ll be other astrological discussion as well… who knows, I might even venture a prediction or two.

So here it is

I hope we have fun

Take Care