Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Discount Offer

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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Harmonic Impasse

I figure its high time I looked at this impasse, which has shut down the US government, in astrological terms.

The chart I am using is the 1789 ingress chart , March 19, 1789, 11:23pm NY, NY

At first glance there is “nothing new here”, however the harmonics tell a different story.

The trine from Transit Saturn to the Pisces stellium looks nice enough, and should bode well, on its own, for stability. It is wide of trine for natal Saturn, but the stellium there drags natal Saturn into the hurley-burley of Venus/Mercury/Mars in Pisces.
So a Saturn trine, time to prepare, revamp get energized and get ready for the coming Saturn Square...right? well not quite.....

Our dear friends, Pluto and Uranus have been duking it out in Square formation for a while.....this is a real heavy hitter, and is the “dark aspect” which has overseen an escalation of tension and violence.....every piece of nastiness in the last year or so has been blamed on these two, it is a real shame we don’t get to look at these “big hitters” as agents of change rather than some foreboding threat...... however, be that as it may, the heavy hitters with a bad rep have elbowed their way into the otherwise peaceful Saturn trine pattern...(actually, Saturn has waked in on their brawl, so his otherwise gentle scheduled reminder to get things in order finds him presiding over a prize fight)...they are still square with each other, square being the kind of tension and difficulty which makes humans great.....its a pity we allow ourselves to be manipulated by media and political forces into fighting each other rather than overcoming obstacles together....but again I digress.

Saturn, on its way to making a useful trine aspect, has encountered the “big hitters” by making a 6th “Overtone Harmonic” relationship (an overtone harmonic is a harmonic division of the circle described by axes rather than by points) which is known to the rest of astrology as the 12th harmonic. Saturn makes a sextile (3rd OH) with Pluto and an “inconjunct” aspect (6th OH) with Uranus.

Pluto makes a sextile aspect with the Pisces stellium (again, a fairly peaceful relationship) while Uranus makes a semi-sextile with that same stellium (less peaceful, particularly when a brawl is happening).
In short, the square between Pluto and Uranus successfully divides the trine aspect (3rd OH) into a sextile and a semi-sextile, invoking the 6th OH (12 harmonic) and causes a disruption of the peace.

It is the nature of the 6th OH (12th harmonic) to supply a lot of energy, but to sue for a sensible, harmonious resolution.

As things stand in the US government at the moment, both sides of the impasse are riding the wave of tension to fuel further violence, rather than doing the best thing by the country (whom they all claim to serve) and come to a reasonable solution. The energy of the configuration is right for a solution, but when the energy of the 12th (6OH) is used to fuel violence, greater impasse is the result.

The tension is not going anywhere any time soon, resolution or no, because Saturn is the fastest moving of these planets, and Saturn is never in a hurry to do anything.

The intransigence on both sides of this debacle is fueling an angry violence in the community, I hope, for all of our sakes, that these parties come to terms sooner rather than later, and put this energy to creative use rather than let it tear our country apart.

October 18 is the date at which the voice of reason should have sway, (coincidentally, it is the time the debt-ceiling crisis becomes critical) and November 12 before we get a real handle on this.......the fight is not going anywhere, but calmer heads will prevail in the longer term.

I do not want to join the doomsayers who are predicting revolution out of this, however I do believe that this impasse is indicative of more violence down the road.....it is on its way, but I don’t think America’s next revolution is beginning with this impasse, this is just an indicator for where America’s real trouble lies.