Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Smell the Coffee

Full Moon July 29, 2007 8:47 PM EDT
Ypsilanti, MI
Valid until August 12, 2007

Wake Up!....

And smell the coffee!

Listen to the other people in your life!!

This is the two week period when the folks in our region can really get a handle on how other folks are thinking and how they can, themselves, become part of something bigger.

The “Values Assessment” of retrograde Venus is in full swing, and there is no time like the present to set our own priorities and listen to those of the other people in our lives.

The time is right for drawing people together under a common banner.

For leaders in the community, the news is not so great. While this will be a better couple of weeks than those just gone, its still a tough overall period. The grass roots are still seething, and it seems like it takes forever to accomplish anything at all. Leaders are still feeling the pinch of opposition parties and still have to work really hard to get any idea what the people themselves are thinking. Those leaders who take personal responsibility seriously will have an easier time of it, but its still difficult.

The opposition parties need to be hammering personal values and accountability where they see them lacking.

Those most strongly affected by this moon have significant placements early in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

Things to keep in mind

Venus is currently retrograde. Values are the key issue at the moment and knowing who to trust is difficult. Signing contracts, starting ventures, and forging partnerships needs to be held off until September if at all possible.

Mercury does another retrograde in October, and Mars turns retrograde in November. They all march on, one after the other, and it makes it a bad period, between now and February 08, to be starting much of anything. There are windows of opportunity, however they are surrounded by long periods of difficulty, each retrograde having its particular effect.

The retrograde periods are great times for introspection, research, planning and development. Also great for troubleshooting.

The Astrology

Aquarius Full moon right on the Ascendant in the first house makes this a very strong moon in the community. THIS is the community “awareness-raising” period. The opposition between self (Leo) and other (Aquarius) makes this a great period for the listening and learning functions of relationship, again made much stronger in this district by the proximity to the ascendant.

The leadership woes are pat of a much biggr problem, however Jupioter in ten, (though retrograde) means thatthere will be at least some progress in these couple of weeks.

Disgruntled grass roots (Mars in 3 in Taurus) just a hard time there, we’re looking for better things as Mars enters Gemini in the next coupe of weeks.

Hard-working opposition making use of retrograde Venus to really keep the leaders sharp, Saturn right on the descendant holding the power of the people and torching the feet of the leaders. The power is building in the opposition, and it is likely to peak in the August new moon period to come.

‘Till then

Take Care


Thursday, July 26, 2007

What to expect from Retrograde Venus

(Values and Valuables under the microscope)

From June 24 through October 13 2007, Venus will hone in on the part of the Zodiac between 16 degrees of Leo and 3 degrees of Virgo. This phenomenon is known as Venus’ retrograde period and happens once every 18 months or so.

From June 24 through July 14, personal values will become paramount. Lots of discussion about personal morality should ensue (or should have already transpired at this point).

The period from July 14 trough July 27 will see the focus shift to service, and the energy will become decidedly nit-picky. The tendency to find fault will become stronger in folks who are affected by this transit. The tendency to nag or be nagged will escalate for others. These tendencies really need to be addressed before the 27th or the fallout could be severe over the following weeks.

For single folk the period from July 27 through September 8 is going to feel particularly cold if you are looking for a partner, though some of the encounters which go wrong in this period should be revisited in the period from September 8 through October 12. I advise strongly against pursuing romantic attachments that spring up under a retrograde Venus.

The period from July 27 through August 9 will see issues that were left unresolved in the previous fortnight brought to a head in ways that are undesirable and likely to lead to some distancing between parties affected. I would advise against separation under retrograde Venus, but it is a possibility when folks feel unloved or unheard.

For those who brought their issues out in the open before the retrograde, this will present at time for making the commitment to work past the fault-finding thing, and concentrate on the real issues, the issues of core values, which underlie the bickering.

The period from August 9 through August 18 will see the morality issues raised in June-July brought back into the limelight, with more emphasis on personality than on morality. For struggling couples, this will see the height of the argumentative period where ego, takes precedence over anything else. For those who are working through their issues, this will still represent a time of inflated ego, and care needs to be taken by everyone during this period.

The period from August 18 through September 8 will see the emphasis shift from values to valuables. Those in difficulty will start arguing about who’s going to get what. Those who are working through their issues should work at resolving financial issues together.

The period from September 8 through October 12 is the time to really focus on reconciling the issues that caused division under the retrograde and deal more thoroughly with them. Financial matters that have soured in the previous couple of weeks should turn around. Personal financial responsibility will be a major theme over that time.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Repair the damage

New Moon July 14, 2007 8:03:40 am
Ypsilanti, MI
Effective until Full Moon July 29, 2007

Repair the damage

There is a strong conservative feel to the coming couple of weeks. The focus on family values will take on a spiritual glow as folks seek to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

Elected officials will be appealing to conservative values in order to make restitution for past mistakes.

Leaders are likely to burn up resources in damage control, which is going to get up the noses of the grass roots pretty thoroughly. Many administrations are still largely working at odds with the people.

For the leaders who are presenting challenges to the people that are well reasoned and make judicious use of resources, the picture is much stronger. “personal responsibility” is going to be the catch cry with the neighborhoods, a wise leader will use that to his or her advantage.

The people are going to start really feeling the burden of past indiscretions and grandiose ideas. This will become more strongly focused over the next couple of weeks, another good time for grass roots groups to raise awareness in the greater population. Opposition groups would do well to capitalize on the growing discontent.

On a positive note, it’s a good couple of weeks for those in the healing arts and those with a spiritual focus in their work. There is a general spiritual yearning developing in the community.

For those affected by Mercury’s recent retrograde, the time is right to repair the damage done by the various communications crises which erupted over he past few weeks, most particularly where they affected relationships.

Those most affected.

The new moon is strongest for those with placements in the late degrees (20-30) of Cancer, and the other cardinal signs (Capricorn Libra, Aries)

Anger and tension will be most heavily felt by those with placements in the middle degrees (10-20) of Taurus and the other fixed signs (Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius), though it’s worth mentioning that this waxing period is less intense than it has been for these people over the last month.

Things to keep in mind

Venus will retrograde on the 27th, a transit that will last until September 8th . Values and valuables are Venus’ keywords, and a retrograde transit happens only once in 18 months or so.

Lunar Eclipse, August 28

Solar eclipse, September 11

Mercury Retro October 12

Mars retro November 15

Astro Analysis

Mars in 10 and Saturn in 1 makes for a time when folks are still feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders.

The New Moon in 12th has people seeking spiritual solutions.

Mars square the Ascendant in Taurus in the house of the leaders is burning resources and getting up the noses of the general population.

Chiron sitting on the descendant suggests reconciliation is a great move for couples, though there is still some pain to work through there. Those who are committed to finding a resolution will do well, those who choose to find fault will have a worse time of it.

Till next time

Have fun