Friday, June 26, 2015

June 24 - Jul 01 sun signs

June 24 - Jul 01

This week sees no serious movements in the heavens, so I will discuss the Mars Ingress into Cancer June 24, 2015, 11:32:53 pm Geelong Victoria Australia. The blowup which has happened for many people over the past few weeks has been about communication, information, and short trips, but will take on a more personal and sensitive twist and be revisited in a couple of weeks. Be prepared for misunderstanding and bitterness to become more personal as Mercury conjoins Mars in Cancer.

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction which happens in Leo early next week, July 1, 2015 5:50:46 pm. Venus and Jupiter are the two brightest planets in the heavens and they make quite a spectacle in the evening sky together! Go out and have a look one evening, (especially if you are a Leo) these are the two planets which usually make us feel good about ourselves.

The moon is waxing to full this week, so seeing our labours bearing fruit is a big part of this cycle.

Aries- While sensitivity will annoy you for the next month or so, a period will exist in the middle of this week where sensitivity is not so bad. Be prepared for your opinion to change back again as the week progresses.

Taurus- Enhance the sensitive soul this week for a better perspective on an otherwise irritating week. Judgement will seem harsh for a while yet. Being oblivious to it will help, but it will not get to the root cause.

Gemini- While this week starts with sensitive folk being helpful, as the week progresses the shine wears off. You are still a chatterbox, and you are still going to make progress on your goals, it just does not feel as good.

Cancer-The week begins with tension, but make use of the ease that follows it for reinforcement rather than just resting. This will make the coming difficulty easier to deal with. Be careful not to let anger take control this week.

Leo- What seems helpful becomes tense and then it all gets easier, use that ease to your benefit. You feel like you can do no wrong at the moment, use it-it will not last forever. If familiarity has bred contempt, a more objective look might be useful.

Virgo-Helpfulness is your key for making lemonade out of lemons this week. Expect help from unexpected sources.

Libra-The week starts off looking promising but ends up being more of the same. There is help coming from expected sources this week. Use your ease of communication to your advantage.

Scorpio- Things seem “righter” than they have for a while, and helpfulness becomes something you can do later in the week. Concentrate on the big picture and do not let minute details or petty feelings grind you into the dust.

Sagittarius- It is hard to win an argument this week, but taking into account the perspective of your opponent helps. The last part of the week feels better than the first and your luck still holds.

Capricorn- Things start out difficult this week but end up alright. The big picture is always your friend, and allies are hard to come by at the moment. There is always some joy in seeing the perspective of another, but it is hard going at the moment.

Aquarius- Leave things go for the first several days of this week, then ease yourself into a helpful position for a couple of days. There is benefit to seeing the opposite point of view.

Pisces- Winning debates was never your strong suit, though you can expect help from unusual sources at the moment. Do not rest upon your laurels, build yourself up while you can. Life will continue to leave you feeling a bit out of sorts for a while yet.

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