Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Sun Sign Column

Mercury conjoins the Sun on the 31st while it is in retrograde transit, so it is about to explode with aspects as it makes its way out to its maximum elongation. Venus is at her maximum stretch at the moment, but is still heading slowly out from the Sun. She is at an octave or opposition relationship with the Sun at the moment. Those unfamiliar with Musical Harmonics will be unaware that I make a full set of aspects for Mercury and Venus with regard to the Sun by working with their maximum elongations.

These sun sign columns are a trial, to see if I can find a voice for myself in the Sun sign world. Using ancient sign relationships, it should be possible to give meaningful but general advice to everyone. (More refined advice comes from a birth chart and solar return charts etc. which I still prefer.) 

I will endeavour to put these up a week in advance and see how they go. For the moment I am using AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) I may move to GMT at some point.

Anyway Enjoy!!

PS..It took me several days to navigate Blogspot with my new computer, sorry about that!!

Aries- Currently feeling helped along by life in general, the major stumbling blocks are in the love life at the moment. Taking notice of the other point of view might help. Emotionally, you will feel better towards the end of the week. Take a moment to regroup rather than just relax.

Taurus- Some help is feeling very valuable in a world which seems mostly unfriendly at the moment. You can make complete sense of situations where others see conflict. Emotionally life is better at the beginning of the week. Conflict will be resolved by looking at the other point of view.

Gemini- You are really feeling this retrograde transit of Mercury with people getting the message wrong (or getting the wrong message!). Conflict is hard to avoid, but clear communication helps. Hang in there. Emotionally your week has a bright spot, but is otherwise lacklustre.

Cancer- While nobody is immune from retrograde Mercury, it has been less personal for you. People still think you can do no wrong, which is useful but not enduring. See it for what it is rather than what you want it to be. Helpfulness gives way to tension which in turn gives way to rest…use the rest to your advantage, you will need it in the coming weeks.

Leo- The feeling like you can do no wrong will  increase in another week or two. Seeing another point of view is essential. The week starts off emotionally dry, but it heats up during the week to leave you exhausted by the weeks end.

Virgo- Remember that difficulty is what we are born for and Virgo has more than its fair share of difficulty at at the moment. Think of the stories you will be able to tell rather than the details which will drive you to distraction. Your emotional week starts off better than it finishes.

Libra- Try to resist the urge to rest on your laurels at the moment, use the time to your advantage as the day is coming when you will need it. Try to be of use where you can. Remember that difficulty is actually your friend. Your week may end more happily than you expect.

Scorpio- Life is happening around you at the moment and the temptation to do nothing is strong regroup and get ready for Saturn to come back into your sign for a brief (but nevertheless telling) visit. Emotionally, you will feel intense in the middle of the week, otherwise you wont feel much at all.

Sagittarius- Being in charge and in control has a good feeling about it. Watching everyone else’s chaos has its merits, but so does lending a hand where it is required. A helping hand will be required of you this week as your clear sight  will be required.

Capricorn- Being somewhat out of sorts is not your natural way to be, seeing the other point of view will help. Seeing difficulty is one thing, offering help is a better thing. There will be better times to get more directly involved.

Aquarius- Your tendency to stay out of personal disputes is admirable. Being a benign help is a better thing than just being an observer. Make use of Saturn (rules and control) wile it is still in Sagittarius, once it gets to Scorpio it is a problem for you. 

Pisces- Your ability to make trouble where it did not previously exist stays with you for the moment. Realise that difficulty makes life interesting. Emotionally there is a brightspot midweek but mostly your success will require seeing alternative points of view.

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