Monday, November 05, 2012

Who will be President?

I didn’t think the Republicans were serious when they put Governor Romney forward as a presidential candidate, but when I look at his chart against the 1789 ingress chart for the American Government, I can see why he ran, and why the American people are a lot more supportive of him than I might otherwise expect. But that’s not what I came online to talk about, I simply want to know who will win.

In my opinion, it is the inauguration chart for January 20, 2013 at noon which tells us who will be in, and the personal chart with the best match to that chart, is most likely to ascend the podium that day.

The election tomorrow (November 6) will determine who that is, however charts for that day are somewhat speculative. If I am to use a chart for the election day, I would choose a Moonrise chart, and in that chart I see the President with a distinct advantage. There is much talk about retrograde Mercury on the day, and the possibility of another hung election like we had in 2000, however I am not as impressed by this possibility as some. Charts for both candidates are very active on that Mercury, and this suggests they are both working hard against a common communications problem, the most obvious of which was supplied by Hurricane Sandy.

Having said all that, lets go to the inauguration chart.

President Obama has the Sun and MC of this chart covered exactly by his natal Jupiter and Saturn.

His angles are in the angles of this chart, as is his Sun, and any attempt to oust him has to come up with better synastry with the inauguration chart.

It’s not happening. 

While Governor Romney’s Sun is in the 11th of this chart (a pretty good placement really) and his MC= POF=Venus is in the 10th (very good placement), his closest contacts with the actual angles and planets of this chart are few. His Ascendant and North Node are conjunct the Jupiter of this chart in 2, and his Moon=Jupiter is close to the Node if this chart in 7. Not a bad placement by any means. These are positive contacts, and show that he is a real contender for the job, but they are nowhere near as strong as the President’s contacts, and that is a real problem for his campaign. Added to this is the problem that Governor Romney’s values represented by Venus (opposed to Pluto in his chart) are his most visible and prominent characteristic in inauguration chart, and he has taken quite a pasting for ruthlessness and a lack of integrity (a liberal republican courting the vote of the “Radical Right” has to be seen as a double-standard).

I may add more images to this post showing the contact's I am talking about if there is interest tomorrow. For tonight I am happy to post an Obama victory according to my calculations, and I have to get back to my other duties....