Friday, June 26, 2015

June 17-24 Sun Sign....

I am a bit late with this week's sun sign, but I have a couple in reserve.... what I am doing is a major reshape of Musical Harmonics to make the aspects experienced by Venus and Mercury more consistent with how other aspects are calculated.... more on that as I get the work up to speed then revamp the the meantime , here are the sun sign columns that I have missed.....

June 17-June 24....Cancer ingress June 22
The Cancer ingress (June 22, 2:33:53 AEST) was chosen for the launch of my Sun Sign column because it contains many elements personal to me and to Musical Harmonics, my Astrological system. The ingress itself has Moon sextile Sun, Mercury and Venus at musical octave intervals with the Sun, and Mars conjunct Sun, so it is a very good starting place having lots if beginning energy and the two octave intervals by which Musical Harmonics is defined. As a sun sign column, each and every planet has its own bearing on the sign, and that will be my focus, though I will introduce each week with some ingress or other piece if Astronomical/ Astrological trivia.
This ingress sees a waxing sextile (crescent) Moon, Mercury as morning star and at 22.5 degrees from the Sun, so it is visible in the morning (Mercury can turn as little as 18 degrees from the Sun and as much as 29 degrees); Venus is visible in the evening and at just under 45 degrees from the Sun in the other direction! (Venus always turns around the 46 degree mark from the Sun); Mars currently rises with the Sun, and will not be seen on its own until early August, at which time he will be seen in the morning; Jupiter is currently visible in the evening, a little further out than Venus at the moment and Venus will go retrograde (in front of the Sun) before Jupiter catches it up; Saturn is currently retrograde in motion (appears to move backwards to us), but is visible at night and will remain so until it moves forward and joins the Sun. Uranus is still in Aries, Neptune is still in Pisces, and Pluto is still in Capricorn; all three are separating from the Sun and would be visible in the morning if we could see them.
This ingress of the Sun is followed in short order by an ingress of Mars into Cancer later that same day. Mars in Cancer is a mixed blessing as the aggressive nature of Mars stirs up the water of Cancer, but martial aggression is not a natural energy in water. Interesting times ensue.
In my home of Geelong, the (helpful) sextile between Sun and Moon is exactly bisected by the MC/IC axis and the Ascendant of this chart makes a Sextile with the Sun and Trine with the Moon; all up very good aspects for beginning a venture. Remember that this ingress marks the winter solstice, and the future gets brighter from here!

Aries- What has seemed like assistance now comes with emotional baggage late this week. Good things happen for you when you take people for what they are rather than making them fit your mould. Remembering to work with sensitivity rather than against it will help.

Taurus- The time for battling it out in your own ends this week with some assistance coming from a sensitive source. Be prepared for some challenges though, as not everything is a rosy as it looks. Learn to find challenge in an opposing point of view.

Gemini- Assistance is one thing, but familiarity can breed contempt, but it stops towards the end of this week for a while. Although this looks tragic it can feel strangely comfortable if you let it.

Cancer- The sense of being “all alone” ends at the end of this week. It has felt as if the world is in love with its own voice and just cannot help itself. More sensitive voices begin to be heard this week, and you will find strength in emotional security.

Leo- While assistance will seem to stop in one sense, there are several other ways in which it keeps going. Life feels like it is on a winning streak this week, so keep it going. Helpfulness is a key energy for you.

Virgo- Relentless chatter will seem more useful by the end of this week, though it is still annoying. Go with it, it is useful as well as irritating. By the end of this week you will feel much more in control than you have until now.

Libra- What has been useful information will become a source of mild irritation later in this week. Stay with it a little longer, but be prepared for a change. Finding a useful context for conflict will be helpful this week.

Scorpio- Things are looking up towards the end of the week, with some real relief coming from the “lack of clarity” that has plagued you these last few weeks. Look for security in more sensitive sources by the end of this week.

Sagittarius- The time for information overload is drawing to a close. Find security in the things you know well for a while, as other things make little sense. Regroup for a little while.

Capricorn- The time for being on your own is finished but it is time now to learn from the adversity that you now face. The tendency to be in control needs to be kept in check at the moment, other people do not appreciate it.

Aquarius- If you have not used the ease of the last month to regenerate and renew yourself, the time is fast drawing to a close. By the end of the week you will a harder time of it, and you will need to win more debates to maintain your edge.

Pisces- Things will get easier as the week progresses, and if you turn adversity to your advantage you will reap the benefits. Do not be lulled into a sense of idleness this month, use the time to rebuild and regenerate. Life has been a struggle. Relax a little and rebuild. 

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