Monday, November 07, 2016

2016 Election

Having wanted to stay out of all wrangling about who is worse and why (often it is an argument about who is better, but in this US election it seems to be about who is worse!!) I have left any looking at star charts to the last moment.

With Donald Trump we have a verified birth time, June 14, 1946, 10:54 am Queens, NY. We are not so lucky for Hillary Clinton October 26, 1947 Chicago Illinois, indeterminate time . Still we should be able to see who gets over the line on the day.

I use whole sign houses.

The two charts I place most faith in are the Aries ingress chart for Washington DC 2016, 23:30:09 March 19, 2016 (Should give us a win-or-lose chart if we are lucky) and the Inauguration Chart for 2017, this year it is January 20, 2017, 12:00:00 Washington DC (the candidate with better sysnastry to this chart should remove any doubt about the ingress chart).

I also glance at the election day chart, but I do not place as much faith in that one because we cannot agree on a time. Outcomes are also doubtful, often contentious, and I have no desire to play arbiter in such a dispute.

The Aries Ingress Chart has Sag rising at 2 degrees, (Jupiter term, Mercury decan). To use this chart, we look to house 10 for the incumbent and house 4 for the opposition. The house with the strongest position with the Ascendant of the chart takes the election. Either the known quantity (10th house) wins or the unknown quantity (4th house) wins. House 10 is Virgo containing Jupiter (ruler of the Ascendant) and MC, house 4 is Pisces (other home of Jupiter), also contains Mercury, Venus, and IC.

Let us look at the opposition (republican party), house 4, Pisces. This is the other home of the Ascendant ruler Jupiter and  it contains Mercury (in detriment and fall), it also has Venus in her exultation. If we look at the sect of the chart, it is nocturnal which favours Moon, Venus and Mars. Venus is in the 4th house and exulted, Mars is rising in the first house, the Moon is in the 9th house and the Sun’s sign. 

Let us sum up how this chart looks for Republicans. Their sign has the same ruler as the ascendant. The ruler of their sign is in the 10th house. Their sign is in mutual reception with its ruler. The sect ruler (Moon) is trine the ascendant, and they have Venus in exultation. They also have the democrats ruler in their sign in detriment and fall. If sect wins the day, they maybe in with a chance. Their sign ruler is retrograde in motion and moving away from the MC in the 10th house. This is a prominent position, but a debilitated ruler. 

Let us turn our attention to the incumbent (democratic party), house 10. This house contains the Ascendant ruler, Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo, and it is retrograde having passed opposition to the Sun, and just past culmination on the day. Jupiter is in mutual reception with Mercury and in opposition (by sign) to it. Each would much rather be in the other place, but they can see each other which makes each a little stronger, though both planets are weakly placed by sign but strongly placed by timing. (This speaks to how both the democratic and republican parties are not as healthy as they could be at this juncture)

Jupiter is, however Ascendant ruler, and it is in the sign of the democrats which tells us that they should win, though they will have lost a lot in the process (Jupiter’s and Mercury’s mutual reception in debility and Jupiter’s retrograde motion heading away from the MC - it may be a winning placement for them, but it is an Ascendant ruler in poor condition).The 10th house ruler is in house number 4, direct in motion, a prominent enough position.

Let us sum up how this chart looks for the Democrats. Their sign (Virgo) contains ruler of the Ascendant. Their ruler is in detriment and fall in the opposition house. Ruler by term of the Ascendant is again Jupiter in their sign, ruler of the Ascendant by decan is Mercury, and they are a mercurial sign. Sect ruler Moon is in Mercury’s term and Mars’ decan of the Sun’s sign.

I have come down on the side of a democratic win, but a fair argument can be made for the republican party, so I will have a look at the inauguration chart.
Now the inauguration chart is always diurnal and the ruler of the Sun is always Saturn and the Sun is always prominently placed.

Donald Trump has his natal Moon and South Node conjoining the Saturn of the inauguration chart. This position for Trump should not be discarded lightly. However Saturn is in the 8th house of this inauguration chart and that simply does not bode well for Mr Trump. He has his MC in the inauguration 1st and his Jupiter conjoins the Jupiter of this inauguration (but again this Jupter is in  Libra, the 6th house of this chart). Mr Trump’s Venus and Saturn meet the IC of this chart in the 3rd house. For aspects, he has an impressive Sun trine inauguration Jupiter and opposite inauguration Saturn, but his Sun is placed in Gemini, the second house of the inauguration chart. His natal Saturn (3) is trine inauguration Mars (11) and square inauguration Jupiter (6). So while he has impressive synstry with important planets, his planets are poorly placed in the inauguration chart.

Hillary Clinton has a Scorpio stellium including Sun, Venus, Mercury and South Node (regardless of what time she was born)  which is in the 7th house of the inauguration chart. Coupled with that she has her natal North Node in the inauguration 1st house. Her natal venus (7th  Inauguration) is trine exulted venus in the inauguration 11th, and her retrograde Mercury is sextile that of the inauguration. Her natal Saturn (in the inauguration’s 4th) is sextile Inaugurations Jupiter (6) and trine Inaugurations Saturn (8) bringing both of those problematic inauguration chart placements into a place of respectability.

In the end, as I see it, Clinton has better sysnastry with the inauguration chart than Trump. I therefore predict a Clinton victory tomorrow.