Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gay Marriage in Australia

Australia Voted in favour of Gay Marriage recently.

I suppose one might ask why I care, being that I am a heterosexual man. 

I believe that love is love and it is not up to me to decide on the morality of your decision, whoever you may be. We who do not understand what it is like to be homosexual or bisexual or anything else have no business telling  those who do have those experiences of life how they should live. It is as simple as that to me. And apparently it is that simple to a vast majority of my countrymen.

I realise that the Gay community never wanted this poll, and the above paragraph about people who do not know what it is like is probably why.

I am glad however that Australians saw fit to vote for a fair go.

Today’s graphic is the announcement time in the outer chart imposed upon the ingress chart for Australia’s Federation. 

Mercury is conjunct Uranus within a degree. Now Uranus is in the 7th house of what the country chooses to commit to. The non-conservative nature of this poll is in keeping with Australia’s self image and with Uranus.
The Sun of the poll is very close to the Moon of the federation chart. This is the 6th house of day-to-day tasks and speaks to the Prime Minister’s encouragement to “get on with it”.

My greatest concern is what the conservative government will do with this mandate. Will they surround it with so much padding as to render it powerless? The reason for my concern is in the chart of the scheduled announcement, !0 am EST Canberra, ACT. In that chart there is a musical “bi-quintile” between Mercury and the Sun which is very exact, suggesting the absolute mandate of this poll, however Mercury is in the 12th which suggests that it is being shelved. Now the prime minister just want’s to get on with it, but I am worried about what this conservative government is going to “get on” with.

The optimist in me sees the Moon conjunct Mars and Venus conjunct Jupiter and figures that it will all work out well in the end, the pessimist in me has been too long around politics for it to be that simple. I guess we can wait and see what transpires.