Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What on earth is going on?

What on earth is going on?

The last two weeks have been hell on earth for many couples in and around Washtenaw County, and the astrological signatures were so conspicuous, I thought this would be as good a time as any to start this blog rolling.

I’m going to start with the current Full Moon (which is all but expired) because SO MANY people in our local district, and in my own circle of friends, have been having major relationship troubles.

Full Moon May 31 2007, 9:03 pm EDT Ypsilanti, MI

Basic prediction (with 20/20 hindsight for this one, but the rest will be ahead of time).

The problem.

Where a relationship needs a shake-up, it will happen under this moon. Relationships and families, partnerships and businesses, are all going to feel the pinch this full moon until the new moon on June 14.

Salt will be rubbed into sensitive wounds, irrational ideals will prevail, and long-lasting decisions will be made. Some irreparable damage to relationships may ensue.

If you don’t have a relationship per se, then the same might apply to any binding commitment you have.

If you are not experiencing these issues at this time, be thankful, and lend your support to your friends as they go through their issues.

Not everyone needs a shakeup, but this particular moon is going to apply to a lot of folks in this district.

The solution.

Realize that you are under as big a cloud of illusion as your partner appears to be. Work hard at finding the root cause of the issue. What is your part in the issue? What is your partner’s?. Communication is likely to be difficult. Understanding the other point of view will be difficult unless you are prepared to let go of your own point of view. Concentrate more on your own part in the issue. Do the introspective work, be honest and hard with yourself for a brief season, particularly in the last quarter of the moon. Remember to release whatever negativity you have built around yourself as the moon approaches its darkest moment. Being aware of your faults is one thing, hanging onto the negativity for any length of time is detrimental to your health.


This is not a period for clear understanding. It will pass.

The coming New Moon will bring the opportunity you need for healing,clear thinking, and reconciliation. It is important to listen carefully to the things you learn about yourself during the dark period.

Things to keep in mind

Mercury’s coming retrograde will put a real challenge on communications, the things that have exploded under this full moon will need to be carefully worked through, or the Venus retrograde, which follows hot on Mercury’s heels, will cause a lasting rift. It doesn’t need to happen that way, but it’s a really strong possibility if you don’t take control during this coming new moon season.

Those most affected

Those with strong mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) particularly around 10-15 degrees.

Those with strong cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) particularly around the 2-5 degree mark.

The astrological analysis (for those who are interested)

The first thing we notice is that the full moon is right on the ascendant of the local chart, in the 12th house by one degree (It is exact on the ascendant in the western part of Lansing, Bay City and Saginaw)

The ascendant is a personal point, and in mundane matters usually represents the general population. With the full moon in a subjective (12th) house, touching on the ascendant, and Jupiter in the First house in its own domicile (Sagittarius) and retrograde, one can expect a lot of “where did that come from” (12th house) energy, blown out of all real proportion and subject to heavy scrutiny by retrograde Jupiter.

These things don’t tell the whole story on their own though.

Mercury (translator, communicator) looks pretty innocuous in the 7th house in Cancer (3 degrees), until you realize that, on July 9, Mercury will go direct at 2 degrees of Cancer, after its retrograde transit.

The stations (places at which they change direction) of the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) are points of great significance.

Mercury, having just crossed its station, is in a position of high power, and is in the house of relationships. Mercury’s retrograde transits are always about communication.

So lets add up the factors so far.

“Out of left field” energy, blown out of all proportion, while the communicator (Mercury) in the sign of sensitivity (Cancer) in the house of relationships (7th) is in a position of great power.

Can anybody say “relationship blow-ups”.
Add to this the power of the Nodes (a sense of destiny) exactly square to the ascendant of the chart, and there are some big, long-lasting blow-ups in the wind.

There is added pressure for those with significant planets around the 20 degree fixed mark, that pressure being applied by the Neptune/Chiron conjunction which opposes Saturn.

Mercury’s coming stations are at 11 degrees Cancer (June 15) and 2 degrees Cancer (July 9).

Mercury’s shadow period begins May 30. The issues that arise from here to June 14 will be the focus of mixed messages during the retrograde. The more clearly you deal with these issues in the first shadow, the less impact the retrograde will have for you. Ignore them at your peril. Issues that arise during the retrograde transit will tend towards resolution during the final shadow period, which begins July 9 and ends July 24.

Venus’ coming stations are at 2 degrees Virgo (July 27) and 16 degrees Leo (September 8). More about that later.

Take Care



Misti said...

Excellent summary, Rod! That Neptune/Chiron contact is going to lead to a lot of painful misunderatandings -- too bad they'll come at such a sensitive time.

Rodney Smith said...

I mentioned the Neptune Chiron thing because its a long-lived transit that is going too create an irritating sub-text for a lot of folks. As you say, now is a sensitive time-frame, so folks who have felt under pressure are going to feel it more as the personal planets do their set of retrogrades over the next 6 months.

Kate said...

Rod, you mention personal relationships being affected by all this activity, but can it also pertain to the relationships of bodies of government to their constituents?

It seems to me that in the past three months the Ypsilanti area has experienced an overload of dissatisfaction with governing officials, and not just one body of government, either. In fact, so many are involved that I can't believe it's all coincidence. You've got Ypsilanti City Council, Ypsilanti School Board, Willow Run School Board, EMU, Ypsilanti Twp., and Lincoln Consolidated School Board all on their respective hot seats

I realize these are long-term problems coming to a head, but they're all coming to a head at once. What gives?

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Kate,

There are general trends which affect everyone in a region, and the popular part of those trends is represented in the phases of the moon.

The way I do mundane astrology, the moon represents the feeling of the people, the Ascendant represents their well being, the MC represents the leadership, and the Sun represents the reputation of the district.

The longer term trends you talk about are determined by larger cycles. Over time, I might get into that.

Specific predictions about specific units of government are another type of analysis

The lunar cycles I am reading bring attention to what's on people's minds over the two week period, and a clue as to how the leadership is behaving in regard to its constituency.

In the last two weeks, lots of committed partnerships (including political ones) took a heavy, almost irrational, hammering.

In the coming two weeks, it is time for reason to prevail, and for leaders of all stripes to garner support.

It is the perfect time for the critics of those in power to hit hard and heavy with facts and reason.

Kate said...

Thanks, Rod. You are so right!

You say, "It [the next two weeks] is the perfect time for the critics of those in power to hit hard and heavy with facts and reason." That would be refreshing, because it's been pretty irrational so far for some of these groups. Is there any chance those who are irrational will wake up,realize their errors and move on?

Rodney Smith said...

While reason will prevail overall, those with their facts straight and their ducks in a row will be the most effective communicators under a retrograde Mercury.

Assumptions will still bring people undone. The emphasis has to be on effective, accurate communication.

Those who focus on that, and can stir up their neighborhoods, will prevail.

I'm quietly hoping someone will instigate the modern equivalent of a protest rally, a visible show of real support for a real change in direction.

Kate said...

Thanks, Rod. You've given me some things to think about. I look forward to your next prognostication.