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Moon Opposite Neptune.

Moon Opposite Neptune.

Objectivity? Of course I’m objective!! Just ask me any time, I’ll tell you how objective I am!! Nobody else can see it, but I can!!!

I’m playing a bit fast and loose here, (and probably at the expense of a friend or two) but you get the idea. What happens with Moon Neptune opposition is that an aspect that is supposed to deliver objectivity (opposition) can’t display said objectivity because of the players involved. (Neptune and Moon).

Your natal Moon is the basis of your emotion and intuition; and your natal Neptune is your sense of the abstract or intangible. When these two try to add perspective to teach other, the result is invariably emotional and mostly irrational, which is not to say it has to be a bad thing, but you REALLY need to be aware that, what appears to be rational to you is, in fact, irrational to everybody else.

The Neptune opp Moon people reflect deeply on their feelings and intuitions, feeling that they are getting a great handle on them. Unfortunately, the handle that Neptune provides is slippery and the result is often delusional in nature, which sends these folks back into further contemplation and so forth. Likewise, all abstract notions are filtered through the emotions, and so the apprehension of abstract concepts is changeable and volatile.

Are the above statements true for everyone with the aspect? No. But like all delineations, they provide some food for thought, and a language with which to approach the aspect. I know one person with this aspect who has it as part of a Grand Cross, where Sun conjunct Saturn is part of that cross. The Sun/Saturn conjunction forces this person to face reality at every turn, and so the lack of objectivity most often characterized by this placement is less obvious in that person’s life… however, it is still present.

On its upside, this aspect can supply great intuitive insight into abstract ideas, and can pull together emotional threads into an amorphous tapestry. This person’s heart soars with lofty abstract notions of divinity, and is captivated by deeply emotive imagery and music. While this person may have trouble communicating intuitions and insights in a purely rational manner, more creative endeavours such as abstract art, written fantasy, some forms of music, and some forms of theatre might be areas in which this person can find a tangible outlet for this otherwise difficult, and often dominant aspect between the chart’s two great intangibles, Neptune and Moon.

Opposition has a resonant orb of about 4.5 degrees, which means that when the orb of the aspect is less than 4.5, the aspect is usually something a person learns to live with, however if the aspect is between 4.5 and 9, the aspect is more likely to be problematic to the individual concerned.

When I see a problem with an aspect, I look at the house of the short midpoint (the midpoint of the acute angle) to see where this problem will manifest in the life of the individual, and the long midpoint (the midpoint of the obtuse angle) will usually provide a means for solving the problem, or at least, easing its impact.

The opposition is unique among aspects because its midpoints form the square aspect with each of the original planets. The square aspect is most often challenging, and so a problematic opposition is one of the most difficult of all aspects to integrate.

The nature of the Moon/Neptune opposition is such that criticism is usually taken very badly, and so the square midpoint transit, which will often precipitate criticism, makes the issue worse rather than better.

To the people who have a problem with this natal aspect and want to do something about it, I might suggest a couple of things.

On the opposition and conjunction of the transiting Moon to your natal Moon, learn to seek the counsel of a trusted friend (or mental health professional) to gain clarity about the objectivity of your emotional state. This is one issue that cannot be resolved on your own.

Be prepared, twice a month, for the criticisms that arise when the transiting Moon squares its natal position in your chart. You will feel criticized, regardless of the intention of the other party. You need to be aware that sometimes you’ll feel offended when there is no real cause for offence.

Take time at the sextile and trine aspects of the transiting Moon to your natal Moon to reinforce a positive image of yourself.

Be aware that emotional objectivity is not your strong suit, and learn to rely on trusted friends for HONEST feedback about emotional issues.

Take Care



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

An excellent article; I am interested in it mostly because I have a Mo/Ne conjunction; it is not particularly close at 7 deg. but it is my only Moon aspect.

I feel it quite strongly in my life as well; it makes me very sensitive, but not, I think, delusional. I was much intrigued by your discussiion throughout though and I shall be reading more.


Anonymous said...

I have recently befriended someone who has Moon / Neptune opposition. He also has a grand Fire Trine with his Rising (Sag) Jupiter (Leo) Moon (Aries). He is brilliant, but I've already noticed a tendancy towards the weaknesses described by a couple of website describing this opposition. I guess I may have to focus on learning to deal with it.

Rodney Smith said...

From your brief description, your friend has several indicators for oblivion. You need to either accept this of him or find another friend.

If he is aware of his oblivion, and has other redeeming qualities, you might learn to live with it.

A useful motto might be "its not personal, he's just oblivious" however if that oblivion becomes problematic to you, you need to find a way out of the friendship.

Another useful motto might be, "If it bothers me, it is detrimental, regardless of intentions of the other."

Dream said...

Thanks, Rod! This is a very helpful post. I cast the natal chart of a friend who has this aspect (Taurus Moon opposite Scorpio Neptune) AND Aquarius Sun opposite Leo Pluto (would that be a Grand Cross?) In any case, this information you provided has interesting correlaries to the rest of the chart. Merci mille fois!

Rodney Smith said...

dream: I'm glad you find it useful. Your friend has a grand cross by sign, I'd need to know the degrees to decide whether it qualifies by resonant aspect, but certainly the fixed signs are important in that chart.

wessok said...

This is an interesting analysis of the neptune moon oppostion. I have an opposition with gemini moon and sagittarius neptune, and an opposition of leo saturn and aquarius sun. Further an opposition libra pluto and aries ascendant.
Moon and Neptune make me drown completely in the currents of emotions that pervade almost any social setting, I find I need to anchor moon in other planets to be able to not completely be torn apart by psychic currents that I feel but do not comprehend.
My Neptune trines my ascendant and Saturn, and my moon trines Pluto and Sun. So they are two grand trines opposite to each other, one fire and one air, and they are sort of workingf against each other. Complicated. Often gratifying, inspiring, gives a lot of breadth and depth to experience, but also very hard to manage my own experience, my own self. Would you have any ideas as to connections I could make to get some grip?
I would be grateful. Jake

Rodney Smith said...

I'd need your birth data to make any useful comment.

send it to me at

Take Care


Sara, Jake and Zoe said...

Wow that article was amazingly true for me, it never ceases to amaze me how accurate astrology is. I have the Moon opposing Neptune in the 1°14, and I'm well aware that I can be very emotionally unobjective, irrational and sometimes take offense when no offense was meant. Lucky for me I have a very sweet and understanding Pisces husband, lol. He helps give me perspective. I usually can't see it until after I've gotten upset or offended, but once I've cooled down he can usually set me straight.

Nick Hedge said...

I found the article curiously interesting. I am working on a chart presently that involves a Moon Neptune opposition and I have been struggling with it quite a bit.

The Moon is in Pisces at 18 degrees 20 mins 4th house near the 5th house cusp. (Aquarius is house cusp 26 degrees with Jupiter on the IC at 29 degrees).

Neptune is in the 11th house, retrograde in Virgo at 23 degrees 20 mins just entering the 11th house.

We have an exact orb of 6 degrees

What caught my attention about what you were talking about was the Midpoint and that it would pinpoint the area of life the opposition would affect.

I have never really worked with midpoints but seem to be reading more and more about them. With little understanding of them on my part would you be willing to use my example to do a simplistic explanation of how you would utilize the midpoint?

I would be interested in what your opinion on this would be (without seeing the chart of course).

But most interesting and well written article.

Ujjval said...

This is really formidable aspect(i have this with Moon/Gemini and Neptune/Saggi).

Inspite having the harmoniuos flow of energy through 3 grnad trines (b`ween Jupi and Sun/Moon/Mer/Pluto) this aspect has proved so to be a pivot of my programming...folks beware if u find this...espcially avoid negative thinkers...and of-course such activities!

Thanks dear for your article.

C.O. Villanueva said...

Nice work. Casey Anthony has this aspect.

Nakamura-san said...

If the opposition occurs in the Second House (Moon) and the Seventh House (Neptune), what can the interpretation be?

Rodney Smith said...


It depends on if they are in opposing signs or of the opposition occurs across a sign-boundary.... however 2 and 7 bring an unwarranted stress on money and commitment, so that partners and money are unlikely be seen in a realistic light.... the lay of the midpoint will show which axis (11/5 or 10/4) will trigger the opposition, and the mean axis of the opposition (1/7 or 2/8) will show the pair of houses most prominently affected by the opposition.

I hope this helps

Take Care


Radu Andrei said...

Wow, nice article. I have that aspect too. But in my case moon (6th house Gemini) is opposing a neptune/ascendant (1st house Sagittarius) conjunction. How that works...?

Radu Andrei said...

Wow, nice article. I have that aspect too. But in my case moon (6th house Gemini) is opposing a neptune/ascendant (1st house Sagittarius) conjunction. How that works...?

Brian said...

I really enjoyed this article and it reminds me of a very dear friend of mine. She has this opposition but I think it's more mild for her? Moon in Cancer at 15d and Neptune in Capricorn at 12d but her Saturn is in Capricorn at 18d. Additionally she is a Virgo Sun that makes a trine and sextile respectively.
She comments about how emotionally distant she can be and that would also describe her upbringing. Does the Saturn help here with objectivity or just lead to a blockage of some kind.

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Brian,

I am very sorry that your post languished in my "to review" folder, it must have come through with a truckload of other stuff when I was not doing so your friend, yep, Saturn in Capricorn is going to keep a bit of a lid on Neptune's flakiness, however she probably still requires the counsel of a good friend to make a good objective decision.

Aries Sun said...

Great article! It's nice to hear first hand perspective!
My daughter has Leo Moon in H-10 opp Aquarius Neptune in H-4 with a 0 degree orb. I am not going to lie, it worries the heck out of me! the opposition also makes a T-square to her Scorpio sun and mercury in H-1.
As a parent, I want to know how to make sure the energy is used in the most positive way possible. She shows so much sensitivity already and feels so much pain and empathy for others. I want to teach her to be comfortable with who she is, but also not to drown in her emotions.
Any suggestions?

Rodney Smith said...

Aries Sun,

Your daughter will, without doubt, be quite the drama queen.

The best advice I can give you (without looking at the chart) is that she is going to need to learn objectivity from the goals and endeavors she commits herself to. She may find objectivity in her partner in later years, but Taurean pursuits, like gardening, singing, perhaps even cooking, will give her a chance to focus on something other than herself for a bit.

Music of all kinds is likely to be her favorite distraction, and at this stage it is vital for her well being. Scorpio has a tendency towards brooding, and the elements in her chart you have described to me suggest she does plenty of that. A musical interest could help express that tendency so she does not drown in it.

Beyond this I can't say much without looking at her chart.

Good luck!!

Aries Sun said...

Thanks so much Rodney! Doing Taurean things with her should not be a problem..I have 4 planets in Taurus, plus my moon, so it's part of my make-up.
Interestingly, my horoscope today says I have Tr. Moon in Gemini opp my natal Neptune in Sag so I get to experience it a little bit. :)

Mary Brogan said...

Thank you for taking the time to write about this, and especially for giving advice to folks who have this aspect...some astro articles can be very doom and gloom without much light at the end of the tunnel!

I have always thought my Sun conj Pluto in Scorpio was going to be the defining feature of my personality (especially when it comes alongside a sag rising and taurus node...sometimes I feel like Jeckyll and Hyde trying to balance the two sides of me!)

But as I grow older I have very much felt the effects of my Moon (cancer) in opposition (0 orb) to rising Neptune (Capricorn). My moon is also setting and all this combined seems to really challenge me emotionally. Given that your article offered some advice (which is so rare) and your helpful response to Aries Sun above, I would very much welcome your thoughts on this aspect.

Thanks :)

Chinita said...

Hello dear Rod, Ithank you for this wonderful article. I came across your blog when I was researching about my t-square between neptune (in Cap) moon (in Cancer) opposition squaring mars in (libra). the degrees are extremely close about 0-1 degree apart. I also have mars conjunct south node oppositing north node. So if we add north node (in Aries) into the picture, it will create a grand cross. How would you describe this aspect? Please enlighten me.

Julie Luke said...

I have a moon in virgo conjunct mars,and saturn and neptune square i feel conflicted with being rational and delusional and over analytical ugh weakness and strength

Unknown said...

Hi Rodney☺,

I was wondering if I sent you my birth data, if you would take a look at mine? I have a Gemini Moon, Sagittarius Neptune opposition as well, and I don't really understand how to discern the orb of the aspect.

Thank you,

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Melonie
Send me an e-mail at
and I'll have a look at it for you

Take Care