Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gemini New Moon

June 14, 2007, 11:14 pm, Ypsilanti Michigan effective until June 30, 2007, 9:40 am

A less intense moon locally that highlights fun but can bring some folks undone.

Basic Prediction

For the good folks in our district, an easier time over the next couple of weeks. The couples who have had strife over the last two weeks can now sit down, having examined their own personal faults, and understand the position of the other. The new moon in Gemini is conducive to understanding and “lightening up” a bit. Recovery from the heavy hard-hitting of the previous full moon is vital over this time-frame. CAREFUL communication is the key here.

I emphasize CAREFUL communication, because Mercury goes retrograde on June 15 and careless assumptions are going to bring you undone. Be certain that you understand EXACTLY what the other is saying.

Basically, lighten up, but put your mind into gear before putting your mouth into action.

On a more general level, the new moon places Mercury’s retrograde in the 6th house, which means its not going to be a huge factor in relationships, however there is likely to be a communications crisis in the health-care community. Double-check any information that comes your way regarding your health.

On the political front, leadership is likely to become active in their support base over the next two weeks, but the population needs to be careful of a major deception in the offing.

The 5th house Gemini moon is going to be conducive to excessive confidence, though Mercury’s retrograde is going to lead to exposure. One might also expect a political scandal in the entertainment industry.

Leaders need to be aware that their plans are going to come under cold, hard, scrutiny from open enemies, and any illusions put forward at this time will be hammered mercilessly. Attempts to hide the real consequences of proposals will be very tempting. Opponents will be vigilant. Communities facing current crises will be the most severely affected. Unfortunately, the ability to learn from the mistakes of the past is still elusive at this time.

A great couple of weeks for grass roots groups to build a support base.

Those most affected

Those with strength in 23-30 degrees of Capricorn will do well under this moon.

Those with strong Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) at 20-30 degrees will have a lot of fun.
Those with strong fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) around the 16-24 degree mark. There is a long-running pattern that is giving these folks a general rough time, this new moon it will be stronger and brought to the foreground. It too shall pass.

Things to keep in mind

Retrograde Mercury from June 14 (11 deg Cancer) to July 10 (2 degrees Cancer)
Mercury Shadow begins May 30 and final shadow ends July 24.
Mercury’s keyword- communication, translation

Retrograde Venus from July 27 (2 degrees Virgo) to September 8 (16 degrees Leo)
Venus shadow begins June 23, and final shadow ends September 22.
Venus keyword- Values, Love as giving and receiving.

The Astro Analysis

These charts are set up in Ypsilanti, and are going to be generally true for Washtenaw County

The 5th house position of the New Moon means it’s general feeling is for fun and adventure, but its ruler, Mercury, is going to be retrograde for most of the period, so the fun is likely to have some unintended consequences.

The 25 degree Capricorn ascendant is gaining unexpected creative support from the Gemini new moon in the 5th house. A period for strong resolutions and for resolving previous conflicts.

The 20 degree Scorpio MC has its ruler (Mars) in the third in its own domicile. A period for strong grass roots support in the political arena, particularly for the “loyal opposition”.

Mercury at 11 degrees of Cancer is virtually at its retrograde station. In the 6th Ascendant house , it portends a communications crisis that affects the health-care of the LOCAL population. In the 5th MC houses, it portends a LOCAL political scandal in the entertainment industry.

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