Saturday, June 30, 2007

Personal Responsibility.

Full Moon June 30, 2007 9:48:38 am
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Effective until New Moon, July 14, 2007

A season for personal responsibility.

Relationships (personal and business… any binding, committed relationship) are still somewhat strained in the general community, as the ideals and reality are brought together on a theoretical basis, but nothing very concrete is emerging just yet. Old wounds are having undue influence on current planning, leaving issues unresolved, even though they feel very close to resolution.

Those who want to use the current season to their benefit will need to talk honestly and often about the pain from the past, on both sides of the relationship, that is holding them back, and commit time and resources to understanding the other.

Personal responsibility is the key to resolving the issues that erupt during these couple of weeks.

Resentment will build under this moon if it goes unchecked.

Personal responsibility will be high on the list of discussion topics over the next couple of weeks. Core values are going to be subject to the hard light of reality, elected officials will feel very exposed, the general community is going to look for a better plan, a new vision as it seeks to distance itself from those it has trusted with its well being.

Disappointment over deceptions of the past will be palpable throughout the community.

Grass roots opposition groups need to spend this couple of weeks working on their next foray, and let the elected officials slip in their own mess.

Leaders who ignore the advice of the Solstice reading are going to try to smear their enemies and foist the burden of responsibility onto the people. This is likely to backfire into grassroots anger as the failures of elected officials become the stuff of public ridicule.

On a much lighter note, this is a great period for special events and generally having a lot of fun. Events focusing on family values and days gone by should see some great exposure this over the next couple of weeks. Event organizers need to be vigilant in attending to details and make sure they have contingency plans for predictable delays.

Those Most Affected

The combined influence of the full moon and retrograde Mercury heavily impacts (again) those with early Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) placements. Juggling issues of “self” and “other” is going to be difficult as understanding is severely hampered by past experience. Resolution will be more forthcoming as the New Moon approaches.

Those with placements around 20 degrees Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are under increased pressure again for this two week period. As with the last New Moon, this couple of weeks keeps the pressure up on what is an on-going, painful issue. The focus diminishes with the New Moon, however the coming Venus Retrograde will ensure some pressure for a while to come.

Things to keep in mind.

Mercury’s retrograde finishes on July 9 and resolution of Mercury’s issues (whatever blew up in your face over the previous couple of weeks) will be most effective from July 9 to July 25.

Venus has begun her period of strong influence, and begins her retrograde transit on July 27. This retrograde ends September 8, and resolution of Venus’ issues (the “values” issues that wouldn’t leave you alone, or the “love lost” issues) will be most effective from September 8 through October 12.

The Astro Analysis

The elusive resolution to difficulties is shown by the proximity of Saturn to the Ascendant, and its 12th house position locally. It is so close to the ascendant, that those on the west side of the county will find resolution easier, as will those in Lansing and the west side of the State. However, it is 12th house and without a lot of work, there will be no real resolution for relationship difficulties. The pain and idealism are seen across the chart with the Neptune/Chiron opposition to the Saturn/Venus conjunction.

It is a difficult time for anyone with placements around the 15-25 degrees fixed

Resentment building under the moon is marked by Mars’ ingress into Taurus and its rulership of the 4th and 9th houses.

The proximity to the ascendant of Saturn/Venus in Leo makes personal responsibility a BIG issue this period. Venus’ strength as she approaches retrograde means that issues raised over this period are going to be the ones that come back to haunt us in the retrograde.

Disappointment over past deceptions…. A Saturn-ruled moon in 5 (killjoy) opposing a Moon-ruled Sun in 11 (elected officials, other groups of friends) which is conjunct a retrograde (past issues) Mercury.

Grass roots (3rd) ruled by Venus in 12…. Good time to lay low and plan.

Leaders (MC) ruled by Venus, which moves to the 1st house in the political chart (MC Chart), clearly indicates an attempt to push responsibility back onto the people. Neptune in 7th shows an attempt to smear the opposition, however retrograde Mercury conjunct the Sun in the 11th is going to see this plan fail, and Mars in the 9th will see resentment build.

Public ridicule for the failings of the leadership is displayed by the Moon in the 5th as the significator of the people, opposing the 11th house sun discussed above. One could expect a few choice cartoons to emerge in the next couple of weeks.

In summary, a hard couple of weeks to be in power, a difficult time for relationships, not a great week for anyone except pranksters, however the community as a whole will do fairly well in spite of the details.

Take Care


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