Monday, August 11, 2008

Astrology's Oldest Question

3 minute Astrology

Open Question

What was on your mind when you had your first astrology reading?

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Rodney Smith said...

This was my first attempt at video blogging, I have since sorted out the noisy hum, and can do something about the light from the screen.


Nancy said...

I did enjoy it, very much!

As ever, I have to be the odd person out. My primary question to the astrologer was in asking for direction or purpose. Unfortunately, I think this person was prepared for the standard paid/laid questions. (she really should have noticed the placement of that Uranus!)

Rodney Smith said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Nancy,

I have to say that my own experience with solid astrology clients has been many more folks looking for more rounded guidance, and a few looking for the classic love/money/health answers.

However, when I read tarot or astrology for the general public, Love and Money and Health are the three big hitters.