Monday, August 04, 2008

Readable Popular Astrology - Really!!

I found a most digestible form of popular astrology the other day (which is remarkable in itself, because mostly, popular astrology gives me a rash).

Elsa puts her spin on some difficult issues using some well-refined astrological intuition. She does not see the need to pry into the lives of others, nor does she pretend to be teaching astrology, and I think that’s why I can read it and enjoy it.

It has a lot more of “this is what’s going on and this is how it feels” than anything else, and a quite a few “this is what’s going on and this is what it looks like in the news”.

Its easy to read, its cute, its great for folks trying to get a handle on astro-symbolism.

Its a true astro journal. Some posts are better than others, but its always worth a browse when you have a lazy minute or two.

Well done Elsa


elsa said...

Thank you! I have been at this since 2001 and you just gave me my first honest to God review! *clink!

Rodney Smith said...

As I said in my opening line, for popular astrology to hold my attention beyond the first paragraph is a first. Literally.

I like what you do, I like your "top 10" I like your astrology news and I like your blog.

Large numbers of people will read popular astrology regardless of what I might think of it.

I've finally found a direction I can point them in.

Take Care