Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Lunar Eclipse August 16, 2008
… with apologies to Pink Floyd…

The coming Lunar eclipse occurs in the “out there” sign of Aquarius, with Neptune sitting right there …on the dark side of the moon… (somebody’s gonna shoot me…).

While it might sound like I’ve been inhaling or ingesting psychotropic substances, the psychedelic 60’s will seem strangely familiar by the end of this eclipse season.

We are closing a very serious period where the public have become excruciatingly aware of realities and responsibilities, but have been largely powerless to do much about it. This was the Virgo (details and organization) eclipse back in February, when Saturn (structures, rules, cold, hard reality) conjoined the Moon (the mood of the people) , and brought its reality check along for the ride.

Personally we have felt that we had the inalienable right to tell everybody else how to live their lives. Only the very circumspect have managed to avoid sounding judgmental, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t thinking it!!

This eclipse marks a pendulum swing towards oblivion

So, here’s where it ends. (or, dare I say, -All things must pass- sorry George) We move from picky and judgmental thought police to a community of flower-child-space-cadets in a fell swoop that will boggle the mind.

The burden moves away from service and towards awareness, away from attention to minutia and towards social connectedness, away from restriction and towards freedom.

This eclipse falls in Aquarius, and which means the Aquarian chunk of your life (yes we all have one somewhere!!) will get a heftier-than-usual dose of moonshine!!

Regardless of what the Election advertising gurus think, there is likely to be a move away from negative rhetoric in the minds of the public. The smart money will feature lots of flower-child music. The street thuggery and finger pointing that is currently so effective in some quarters, will very quickly become “old hat”. The new influence on the mood of the people will be Aquarius (group-mind, community-thinking) with big dose of Neptune (reality, what reality, which perspective on reality are we talking about?).

We will be more persuaded by illusion than by reality. This could be a really good thing, or a really bad thing, depending on which party is savvy to it, and spins the most appealing line.

The will of the people will be most easily seduced by sweet-sounding, though well organized, flim-flam. While there’s nothing new about that, it should be a key feature of polls in the months leading up to the election.
Personally, I could use a few months of love-peace-and hippie-talk. It beat the hell out of -The Dogs of War- (yeah I had to get another one in)

Take care



Pearl said...

As Elvis Costello would say, what's so funny about peace, love, and understanding?

:-) Hey. Why not.

I enjoyed/needed this. Thank you.


Rodney Smith said...

You're welcome Pearl. I think we could all use a breather.

Rodney Smith said...

For folks in the midwest and all points west of Detroit in the USA, the change in emotional attitude should be stark and monumental.

Pity its only a 6 month interlude!!

Kate said...

Okay, so is it the Mercury in Virgo thing, or the lunar eclipse thing that is causing so many people, including me, to have technical difficulties with cars, computers, phones, etc.? Something has been wonky for the past couple of weeks.

If it was just me I'd say "okay, fine." but it's not. It's happening to a LOT of people around here. Help!

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Kate,

This is one of those cases where the people you know have charts with placements related to yours.

There is nothing regional that would tip me off to a general communications problem by looking at the solar eclipse chart as a new moon chart (which took effect a couple of weeks ago and covers the time in question.)

There are three houses, 3, 7, and 11 that deal with communications, and 6 deals with service which can effect communication where communication s part of your daily work (which it is for you).

Delineating your chart on the web would be tacky, however the people you are talking about probably have have Leo and/or Virgo and/or Sun/Mercury prominent in those houses.

Mercury got to peek out from behind he sun because of the eclipse, and with several planets moving into his sign under the waxing moon, the pressure has built up and some gaskets have blown in the charts where Leo (eclipse) and Virgo (Mercury's home and hive of activity) are strongly indicated in communications.

I hope this helps

Take care