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Void of Course Moon and the Obama Inauguration.

Void of Course Moon and the Obama Inauguration.

This will be short and sweet: I’ve just read this article about the timing of the inauguration and the void-of-course moon.

The most common interpretation for Void of course moon is “nothing will come of the matter” and it is, indeed, a taboo for the astrology of selecting times, and it is a major indicator of weakness for an event indicated in horary astrology, (the astrology of answering questions).

The inauguration of the president is neither a selected time, (the time is determined by the constitution) nor is it the subject of a personally arrived at “question” between client and astrologer. Therefore “nothing will come of the matter” is meaningless in this context.

The inauguration is an event chart. According to the Constitution of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama becomes President of the United States of America at noon on January 20. If something goes wrong at 11:59:59 am, it is George W. Bush’s problem. At 12:00:00 pm it is Barack Obama’s problem regardless of when the band plays, who sings what, or when the President says, “I do”.

The inauguration chart reflects the nature of the presidential term. It does not reflect the future of the country. There are other charts for that.

In this event, a void-of-course moon means “the people lack self-direction” and this will be a signature of the first Obama term. The fiercely self-determined Americans are hurting from the financial collapse, and are looking for leadership. This is a time when leaders must step up to the plate and provide direction.

The plight of the people will be a major source of challenge to the President, and it will stay that way for his entire term. I doubt the President will feel that he has managed to do enough to ameliorate the suffering of the people, as he sees it, by the end of his term.

If the people lack leadership, then strong leadership must be supplied. If the Obama presidency focuses on “shepherding” the people, he will fulfill the obligation of this void-of-course moon in his inauguration chart.

The chart is what it is, there are many challenges in it, and wishful thinking about the moment the President takes his oath of office won’t change anything.

In my opinion, astrologers will do far better to advise leaders based on real charts and functional reality rather than grandstanding on astrological whimsy.

EDITED January 28- I have changed the introductory sentence to be less dismissive of Ms Ackerman's article. My inner cynic got the better of me in the moment. My apologies to all.


yuzuru said...

Hi, Rodney
my take on this, is that most astrologers shouldn´t advise ANYBODY at ALL !
best regards

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Yuzuru

There'd be that!! Though I am surprised at how often people come to similar conclusions from vastly different perspectives when it comes down to the nitty gritty.

I'm OK with astrologers reading, provided they know what they are doing with the tools that they have.

What gets up my nose is the senseless article that draws negative publicity to no useful end.

Its not as though she will convince anyone to actually change the inauguration with that cap-trap.

As my father once put it, "It is far better to remain silent and appear foolish, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

Anonymous said...

Naturally, it's only "foolish" when it's negative about Obama and his administration. Get over it. This one term presidency is going to suck, no one needs a chart to come to that conclusion. It is NOT going to be successful in any sense, no matter what you personally wish.

Gosh, I am really tired of how many flaky astrologers warp their readings through narrowminded glasses.

Madi said...

Concerning the inauguration of Barak Obama, let us consider the moment of inspiration as the beginning of the swearing in oath, that being Taurus 15 degrees. From an old Vedic manuscript the augury for this inaugration is:

15 Taurus
Thou knowest the needs of the masses and thou art their true companion and advisor. Thy words go into the waste spaces of world and mind; thou art a healer of the body and of the spirit. Thy gate is always open to the weary and it is not closed when some who enter are thieves. Thou hast in thy bosom what none can take from thee, the gift of making life and dressing it in all its forms. Thy feet travel great distances, but not as great as those which thy mind can span. Thy estate waxeth and waneth -- ever
there is sufficient for the demands of thy condition and those thou lovest. Beware lest thou seek mere adulation. Self-consciousness would be thy undoing. Live in thy work; it teaches thee and others who perceive through thine eyes. Let not gold occupy love’s place in thy heart.

Rodney Smith said...


in the interests of free speech, your comment has remained, but I suggest you read how "wonderful" I think these four years will be before you call me a flake.

You will notice that any comments I make about Obama's competence at coping with the task in front of him are quite aside from the astrology I discuss.

Please clean your own glasses.

yuzuru said...

why "free speech" ? This is your blog and your opinions, this is not a newspaper... you don´t have any obligation to stand comments of angry, anonymous dicks that didn´t even took the effort to read.

I always put my blog on moderate status. There is no reason to stand the "noise" of the crazy around the internet.

One crazy lady one time went to my blog of astrology just to say "santa claus sucks ! F&%$ him!"

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Madi,

I hope you are aware that the vedics use a sidereal zodiac.

15 Taurus is the tropical degree rising at 12:05, the time at which the president began his speech.

Using the Fagan-Bradley anayamsa the sidereal ascending degree is 20 Aries for 12:05.

I made it clear in my post and I will iterate again, regardless of what moment the oath was taken, Barack Obama became president at noon.

Rodney Smith said...

Ah, Yuzuru,

you must have been reading my mind :) Your description of the "intellectual giant" that graced my page sums him/her up pretty well

I chose to call attention to the stupidity of the comment rather than simply delete it.

In all of my time I have only deleted a few spam posts in the comments. I want people to feel free to comment, but I don't suffer fools easily, and I will moderate my posts if this gets out of hand.

Aaron said...

Hey Rodney, I'm enjoying your take on things. 29 Scorpio is interesting. I think it was Carol Rushman who considered this the degree of bankruptcy. It was probably one of those anecdotal things. I recall hearing that Ed Sullivan introduced the Beatles to American audiences on a void Moon. That seems to have gone pretty well. There were also several Apollo missions that were launched on voids. In any case, the voc Moon periods do seem to have a Uranian quality to them.
Keep up the good work.

Madi said...

Hey Rodney,
I did not say that i was doing a vedic chart, only that the degrees were from an old vedic manuscript..and 15 Taurus is when the oath began so this interpretation captures that moment in time..maybe you don't like input..please delete the comments if they aggrivate..

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Madi,

Your input is welcome, my reference to Yuzuru was regarding the angry and unhelpful comment by someone who wouldn't leave a name.

The vedic text is very nice, and it would be nice to find a way to make it work with the Obama inauguration, however when a vedic speaks of Taurus 15, the reference is to Aries 20 (or there about) on our tropical zodiac.

Maybe I can explain it like this.

If I wanted to be 20 miles West of Jackson Mississippi,(Jackson Ms) and instead I went 20 miles west of Jackson Michigan,(Jackson Mi) I would be 20 miles West of Jackson, but very much in the wrong place.

The only difference between the two references is one letter, but it is a very important letter.

The two zodia (sidereal and tropical) use the same language, and the same names for reference points, but they refer to two different places in the sky.

A vedic text regarding 15 Taurus refers to a point 45 degrees past that vedic's agreed starting point (anayamsa).

Any tropical text (or chart) referring to 15 Taurus refers to a point 45 degrees past the equinox of moment.

In my opinion, to use vedic text to refer to tropical degrees is a mixture of apples with oranges (or Mississippi with Michigan) which, while creative and perhaps attractive, is still bad arithmetic.

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Aaron,

I'm glad you like my take. I try to keep it simple and logical, sometimes I even succeed!!

I hadn't heard the "bankrupt degree" one, and yes there are a lot of anecdotes about specific degrees. While I give them a wide berth in my analysis, I occasionally find them amusing and interesting.

Void moons have an ethereal quality about them, there is a lot CAN be accomplished under a void moon, you've just got to know that it is void and adjust your plans accordingly.

Take care


Anonymous said...

It seems that astrologers have corrupted the art of reading charts by injecting thier own partisan view points. Long standing interpretations are abandoned in an effort to make the obama chart look auspicious. The chart is dire, just admit it and stop being a partisan hack. You violate the prinicples of the craft.

Rodney Smith said...


If you don't think the US is already in dire straits, you're not paying attention.

Please read my material before you comment on it.

I am partisan. I am nobody's hack.

Anonymous said...

Mercury(R) burned by the suns rays (both at 0 degrees aquarius.) Because of this tight conjunction mercury suffers again. Saturn(R) ruler of the tenth house at 21 virgo-(honors, wealth, impulsiveness, disgrace, regrets, misfortune through natural forces)opposes Uranus 19 pisces. saturn oppose uranus-unpredictability, hostility, sudden flare up of temper. VOC moon at 29 degrees scorpio of course. The moon (the people) recently squared neptune (ILLUSION) in the tenth house. Neptune will retrograde and hit the radix moon. I see an afflicted chart in which the masses represented by the moon are decieved by a charasmatic figure. The question I ask is, will 0bama hijack the presidency in the same way FDR did? 0 degrees aquarius represents permenance. Americans know exactly what they want and I don't believe they want to be lead like sheep or lemmings by any one in power. So I disagree with your take on the lost disenchanted masses interpretation. People want to be free to live as they please and to pursue happiness as they see it. Unlike you I have done a quick look at the inaugaral chart which is set for exactly 12 noon-which the law states, obama becomes president and while there are trines and sextiles, the malific aspects shouldn't be ignored.Mars in the 9th house- fanatical and self righteous; in capricorn ambitious. The trines and sextiles could add to the new leaders over confidence

Rodney Smith said...


"Unlike you I have done a quick look at the inaugaral chart which is set for exactly 12 noon-which the law states, obama becomes president"

You still haven't read my post!!

Good grief, talk about pushing your own agenda with your astrology!!

Guido Bonatti said...

Hey Rodney
I have no idea why you allow anon to take up any bandwidth. If someone is going to criticize, they should have the balls to give you their name. Anyway, it seems like a case of projection you're dealing with.

Who's partisan?:
"The question I ask is, will 0bama hijack the presidency in the same way FDR did? 0 degrees aquarius represents permenance. [sic]"

He/she/it reveals itself with that statement (and a poor speller to boot).

Another hair-pulling, name calling, internet argument...yawn.

Take care man.

Claudius said...

As long as we're speaking in premodern deterministic terms, has anyone noticed the Fortuna is with Venus, the chart ruler? Ruler of the Lot of Fortune is Jupiter - conjunct the Sun in the 10th. That mean 'ol Mars "anon" mentions? Exalted in the 9th in a grand trine. Yes, folks will project all kinds of things on their leaders. What else is new?
Astrology is an art, as well as a science. There is room for subjective interpretation.

More spelling lessons:

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Guido,

There are students who read my blog, "anon-a-mouse" provides an object lesson in astro-clap-trap which conveniently avoids any need for me to take "big names" to task.

And the object lesson in angry projection (complete with poor spelling) is not lost either.

Thanks for your concern and support.

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Claudius,

I actually tried to downplay the importance of the inauguration chart, but a lot of people showed great interest in it.

In my world, ingress charts and eclipse charts are where the real work of mundane astrology lies. The inauguration is worth a look to determine the complexion of the presidency.

To answer your question, yes all of the above were noted (though not iterated in the text, I'm trying to get away from "astrologese" in the actual posts where I can), which deeply colored my original description of the inaugural chart.

Madi said...

Hey Rodney,
Did you see that there was a second swearing in tonight 'about' 7:35 P.M., EST ? What do you make of this? Are you still set on using the 12 noon time?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

29 degrees scorpio the degree of bankruptcy. The DOW sinks to a historic 14 year low after 0bama takes office. Worst response of the market to a new president in history.

Rodney Smith said...

Hi Madi

The president takes office at noon regardless of the swearing in. The constitution prevents him from exercising the authority of his office until he has taken the oath, but the office is his from the moment of noon.

It is prudent to have the oath sworn before noon... but an oath sworn early would still not confer the office until the moment of noon on January 20th.

There is nothing to prevent the incoming president from taking the oath privately a week before his inauguration.

It is my fundamental belief that accuracy is crucial to the art of good astrology, and working with those things we know to be accurate, (like the moment the president actually receives his office, and the moments for ingress and eclipses) makes for far more convincing astrological analysis.

Rodney Smith said...

"I am one of many that are annonymous. If Mr. Rodney objects to this, he should remove the option. "

I have no objection to anonymous posts, but that one was deleted because it was laden with innuendo and contained no astrology.

Rodney Smith said...

"There was no reason for him to re-take the oath. I wonder why he did."

Another inuendo-laden comment deleted because, not only does this anon. not read my posts, apparently can't do a google search or read a newspaper either.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
yuzuru said...

Hi, Rodney
would please block the IP of "anonymous"
his hysterical remarks are annoying

Rodney Smith said...


"Worst response of the market to a new president in history."

Matched only by an economy in the worst shape in living memory, thanks largely to wall-street largess.

The Dow dropped through the floor because the President had the "gall" to say, in his inaugural address, that free markets needed needed reigning in from time to time.

I happen to agree with the President.

Rodney Smith said...

Comments will be moderated from hereon, I guess Anon, won his or her brownie points for putting me in that position in under 3 days....

I wonder if internet trolls get points for that sort of thing?

it must be hard to live one's life being a perpetual thorn in other people's sides

yuzuru said...

Well there is that ancient saying:

"Please, don´t feed the throlls"


vrajavala said...

Rodney. I believe it is "electional" astrology. Look at what Nancy Reagan did. she altered the inauguration of her husband to a more favorable time. However, we all remember the childish barb Barry took at Nancy's "seances."
Presidents have rearranged their Oath of Office throughout history.
Barry, the Idiot, didn't. He elected to be ignorant and to suffer the consequences.
we can now see, in hindsight, that his agenda is being repealed, and will, indeed, come to "nought."

Rodney Smith said...

You're as entitled to your opinion as Nancy Reagan was to hers, the point of the post is, regardless of who believes what regarding electional or any other kind of astrology, the chart for the inauguration is the noon chart.

No ammount of wishful thinking can change that, because that"s when the presidency changes hands.

And if you could kindly keep the conversation more astrological and less political, I will be less tempted to simply delete the comment.