Thursday, November 08, 2007

Well, I got one right!!

A resounding defeat for the income tax – the prediction.

Just for the record, the NO vote received more than 2 votes for every YES vote.

Regular readers will know I have been extremely busy for a month or more. I had not taken a close look at the ingress chart, nor had I looked at the election until Sunday night.

Thankfully, this election is probably the easiest prediction I have ever attempted.

I used an ancient but easy technique that was used for a thousand years or so to determine events within a specified timeframe.

The MC of the ingress chart represents the existing government (always), and in this case it was ruled by Mercury.

In real time, Mercury did a retro transit, and was back to the very same degree and minute, on the day of the election, as it had occupied in the moment of ingress. This presented a curious factoid that left me feeling that there was no progress at all coming about from the Mayor’s camp. That it directs (by the ancient method, this is not a commonly used direction of any kind) to the 8th house (house of death among other things, certainly not a fun place to be) of the ingress chart made it pretty clear the Mayor was likely to suffer a defeat.

In the September ingress chart Jupiter is extremely strong in the sign opposite the MC, and on the business side of the IC. This represents the opposition to the Mayor, [SCIT in this case] in a strong and favorable position, nestled in the house representing the heart and soul of the community.

The strongest planet in the chart, by leaps and bounds, is Jupiter.

Moreover, the MC is in the house of Jupiter’s detriment, and Jupiter is in the house of Mercury’s detriment (remember Mercury is the ruler of the MC). This sets the stage for a binary battle, one winner, one loser, nobody negotiating with anybody, and no half measures.

Now, when we direct Jupiter (using the same ancient obscure method) it lands firmly, exactly, on the MC during the eve of the election. The MC is the most powerful political point in any chart.

There was no doubt in my mind after looking at all of the above that SCIT would achieve a solid NO vote. The Mayor (representing the yes vote) would suffer a defeat.

I have not researched the direction method I’m using well enough to publish it. I’d hate to lead people up the garden path with mis-information (gods know there’s plenty of that in Astrology already).

The most difficult part of this method is working out which planet represents which party for the period of time in question.

I think the most telling part of this analysis is that the SCIT folks have turned a corner, and that this victory ushers in a new era in Ypsilanti politics. This election marked a huge and possibly deadly blow for the group of citizens who have steered Ypsilanti politics since the early 90’s.

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Rodney Smith said...

There is an obvious question arises from the method I used to predict this election in Ypsilanti. That question is, why weren’t all elections in the same area (with arguably the same ingress charts) landslides on single issues?

The answer is actually quite simple.

I could identify the players easily in the Ypsilanti election because I am very familiar with the politics of the city. The strength of Jupiter is in the grass-roots area of the chart could actually have gone either way, with an insightful leader currying favor with both the grass roots and the opposition to make the best out of a bad season. Due to the nature of Ypsi politics at the moment, that couldn’t and wouldn’t happen. Both sides were hammering the grass roots to the point of distraction, but there could be no deal struck between the warring parties.

With such a clear binary choice, the election goes to the stronger planet. The mayor, ruled by Mercury with some dignity in the second house, is no match for the opposition ruled by Jupiter in its own domicile in the fourth.

With the MC ruler directed (by an obscure method) to the 8th, I expect most mayors and other leaders in the district were weakened by this election. I expect that those who had real success conceded a lot of ground to stay on top.

Had I been predicting for a different unit of government in the area, I would need to know a lot more or about the players and do a lot more real analysis to work out a viable result on any issue. The starting point, however, would be a strong opposition and a weakened leadership.