Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mars Hoax 4 years running

The Mars Hoax

I got an e-mail this year, for the third consecutive year running, that tells us Mars will be closer to the Earth on August 27, than it has ever been for 60,000 years… one such e-mail even gives the mistaken impression that Mars would look like a full moon.

Yes folks, it is a hoax. It began in 2003, when Mars and Earth did make their closest encounter for 60,000 years or so.

At that time, Mars was particularly bright in the sky, but at no time in recorded history has Mars been close enough to appear as big as the Moon. By our current understanding of celestial mechanics, Mars the size of the Moon is improbable in the extreme. If such a thing were to happen we’d have bigger fish to fry, and an Internet brouhaha would pale in significance.

Snopes has the official line for the debunk.

Right now, if the clouds ever clear, you will see Mars rise at about 1 am in the constellation of Taurus, being the brighter red spot beside Aldebaran (the eye of the Bull) and a little way down from the Pleiades (looks like a string of pearls dropped in the sky above Taurus).

This year, we make our closest run with Mars in the period from November through all of January, during its retrograde transit.

The hoax is harmless enough, but I like to keep the record straight.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rod! Melissa here, the girl that moved to Los Angeles, the Gemini/Taurus cusp from astrology group. Love your blog, very insightful! Your Venus retrograde piece was very interesting and I forwarded that on to a few friends who are trying to switch jobs/start new ventures. It's funny, the big fashion trade show is next week, I wonder how that will go... Take care!

Faithfully reading,


Rodney Smith said...

Hey Melissa,

Nice to see you here. The fashion parade next week will probably go OK give or take a scandal or two surrounding the personalities involved. There is also likely to be a stronger-than-usual nit-picky element.

Linda Benedict said...

Hey Rod,
I wanted you to know that I AM reading this- and just love it. You never fail to give me much to weave into the ponderings of the day as life provides.
Mars hoax- well, we just get Bored sometimes, true? It's like those people who invented the 'Where's Waldo' thing...who the hell cares enough (over the age of 9) to stare at the little pictures long enough to actually Find the bugger? Gotta be boredom.
Venus retrograde is having a good time with my Leo planets, as are a few other transits, so real world calls- but I am making a point to check this.
Take care,
Linda B.

Rodney Smith said...

Thanks for the encouragement Linda!!