Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Smell the Coffee

Full Moon July 29, 2007 8:47 PM EDT
Ypsilanti, MI
Valid until August 12, 2007

Wake Up!....

And smell the coffee!

Listen to the other people in your life!!

This is the two week period when the folks in our region can really get a handle on how other folks are thinking and how they can, themselves, become part of something bigger.

The “Values Assessment” of retrograde Venus is in full swing, and there is no time like the present to set our own priorities and listen to those of the other people in our lives.

The time is right for drawing people together under a common banner.

For leaders in the community, the news is not so great. While this will be a better couple of weeks than those just gone, its still a tough overall period. The grass roots are still seething, and it seems like it takes forever to accomplish anything at all. Leaders are still feeling the pinch of opposition parties and still have to work really hard to get any idea what the people themselves are thinking. Those leaders who take personal responsibility seriously will have an easier time of it, but its still difficult.

The opposition parties need to be hammering personal values and accountability where they see them lacking.

Those most strongly affected by this moon have significant placements early in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

Things to keep in mind

Venus is currently retrograde. Values are the key issue at the moment and knowing who to trust is difficult. Signing contracts, starting ventures, and forging partnerships needs to be held off until September if at all possible.

Mercury does another retrograde in October, and Mars turns retrograde in November. They all march on, one after the other, and it makes it a bad period, between now and February 08, to be starting much of anything. There are windows of opportunity, however they are surrounded by long periods of difficulty, each retrograde having its particular effect.

The retrograde periods are great times for introspection, research, planning and development. Also great for troubleshooting.

The Astrology

Aquarius Full moon right on the Ascendant in the first house makes this a very strong moon in the community. THIS is the community “awareness-raising” period. The opposition between self (Leo) and other (Aquarius) makes this a great period for the listening and learning functions of relationship, again made much stronger in this district by the proximity to the ascendant.

The leadership woes are pat of a much biggr problem, however Jupioter in ten, (though retrograde) means thatthere will be at least some progress in these couple of weeks.

Disgruntled grass roots (Mars in 3 in Taurus) just a hard time there, we’re looking for better things as Mars enters Gemini in the next coupe of weeks.

Hard-working opposition making use of retrograde Venus to really keep the leaders sharp, Saturn right on the descendant holding the power of the people and torching the feet of the leaders. The power is building in the opposition, and it is likely to peak in the August new moon period to come.

‘Till then

Take Care


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